Setting up the new Marine Tank and fun with Plumbing

After going ahead with the purchase of my first marine tank, a secondhand AquaOne MiniReef 120L, I set it up outside and successfully tested to ensure there weren’t any leaks. After 24 hours of running it in I emptied it out and gave it a thorough clean before moving it to its permanent home inside. […]

Starting a new Marine Tank

Growing up with freshwater aquariums and with a passion for the ocean and scuba diving I had been considering starting a marine tank since around 2012 (I think). I hadn’t owned any aquarium for a long time now (10 years or so) and never even progressed to a tropical tank so mostly I only had […]

Diving with Grey Nurse Sharks at Broughton Island

I had the pleasure of diving at Broughton Island (just north of Port Stephens) a couple years back and ever since that time I’ve been counting down the days until when I could return. The experience did not disappoint. A weekend getaway with my wife provided an opportunity to book in for a couple of […]

Voice Codecs and Bandwidth Calculations

I’ve been recently reviewing for CCIE Collaboration recertification and codec and bandwidth calculations while straight forward it can be easy to make simple mistakes. So thought I would run through and summarise some of the key information and how the different values link in. First I’m going to summarise some of the key information about […]

Updated About

A lot can happen in a few years time, and as I try to reinvigorate this blog yet again for 2014 I realised the original About page I wrote back in 2010 was a tad out of date. So I’ve updated it, along with a renewed hope to find more time to post some content […]